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Across the street from the Master Barbers location!
5610 W. Manchester Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90045


M 10:00m-6:00p
T   10:00a–6:30p
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Th 10:00a–6:30p
Fr  9:00a–6:30p
Sa 8:00a–6:30p
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Duration time for each service is approximately 30 minutes.

Regular Haircuts

This service begins with a brief consultation followed by a haircut using state-of-the-art clippers and the finest Japanese scissors (including texturizing shears). An optional pomade application is provided to achieve the customer's desired hairstyle.


Premium Skin Fade

Experience our distinguished and lasting premium skin fade service. Master Barbers utilizes the finest tools in the market to give you the closes, most well-rendered fade.


Head Shave

This service begins with hot towel service, followed by a gentle, straight-edge razor head shave. We finish with a cold towel to close the pores and apply aftershave balm to replenish and protect the scalp.


Face Shaves

This service begins with hot towel service followed by a gentle straight-edge razor face shave. We finish with a cold towel to close the pores and apply aftershave balm to replenish and protect the skin.


Regular Beard Trim

Using clippers, a fine comb, & scissor instruments, the beard is trimmed down to the customer's desired shape, thickness, and length.


Beard Trim w/ Razor

Using clippers, a fine comb, & scissor instruments, the beard is trimmed down to the customer's desired shape, thickness, and length. Finalized by straight edge razor detailing.


Beard Trim w/ Detail

After the beard is shaped, the barber provides a hot towel, warm lather, and straight-edge razor detailing. To finish, a cold towel is used to close the pores, and aftershave balm is applied to replenish & protect the skin.


Facial Clay Mask

This service consists of two hot towels and application of facial clay, which removes oils and toxins from the skin, leaving your face feeling revitalized.


Two Haircuts

Choose any 2 services together. We advise you to reserve in advance for a full hour reservation.



Monocle Barbers was established in February 2018 by Israel & Anna Castro in Los Angeles, California as an extension of Master Barbers Barbershop (located across the street), Monocle Barbers provides a continuous quality and precision services. From gentlemen scissor haircuts to modern skin fades, and hot lather straightedge razor shaves. An assortment of quality natural hair products available for men and children of all ages.



Israel Castro

Born in Mexico City, Israel came to the United States at the age of six. He began cutting his own hair in high school and continued on through his college days. For over ten years, Israel has been a family and community barber. He received his barber license from the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Starting out from humble beginnings in his garage, to neighborhood barbershops, to cutting in fine men's barber spas in Beverly Hills, Israel has worked to continually hone and develop his craft throughout his career. 

As the owner & operator of two barbershop locations in Los Angeles, California, his mission is to continually provide exceptional barbering services and sharpen the next line of future Master Barbers.

“Each barbering service is a work of art that requires passion, quality, and precision.”

— Israel Castro // Barber at Monocle Barbers

Lloyd Guerrero

Hailing from Los Angeles, Lloyd has been providing haircuts to his friends and family members since his high school days. He began cutting his own hair, then became a neighborhood barber in Westchester, California. His goal is to one day provide mobile barbering services to all of Los Angeles. 

Lloyd has 12+ years of barber experience and received his license from the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.


"“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.”

— Lloyd Guerrero // Barber at Monocle Barbers


Marisol Martinez

Marisol has been in the industry for 6+ years. Born in San Jose, California, her inspiration to become a professional barber was her brother and two sisters. Her work also pays tribute to her mentor, the influential and now retired barber, Maribel Jimenez. Her passion for the trade began at The Incredible Cut Barbershop - now known as Monocle Barbers - where she has honed her craft over time.
Marisol received her Barber License at LA Barber College in Los Angeles, California.


“As a female barber, I’m proud to say that I have a passion for making gentlemen look their best, which helps them on their road to success.”

— Marisol Martinez // Barber at Monocle Barbers

Edgar Cariño

Edgar is a family man who’s first interest for barbering was on his regular visits as a customer. Further graduated from Pro-Barber College in Torrance California. Edgar has shadowed the Master Barbers’ skill & artistry as an apprentice by utilizing clippers & fine shears techniques. With 3 years of experience, he now applies his craftsmanship at Monocle Barbers.

Edgar received his barber license from the California Board of Barbering & Cosmetology.


“Grooming and auto mechanics go hand in hand as both require detail and fine tuning.”

— Edgar Cariño // Barber at Monocle Barbers

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Antonio Hernandez

Antonio was born & raised in the city of Santa Monica, completed his bachelors degree in Sociology at Cal State Northridge. As a family man, he loves spending time with his wife and son. His goal is to become a reputable Master Barber in his community.

Antonio received his Barber & Cosmetology license at Pro-Barber College in the state of California.

“Going above and beyond is what I’m all about in all aspects of life.”

— Antonio Hernandez // Barber at Monocle Barbers


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do you take walk-in’s? We welcome walk-in customers but we guarantee service through our user friendly online booking system 
  2. How much are your haircuts? All of our haircuts are $23.00 (please refer to online service menu for additional pricing information)
  3. How do I book an appointment?  Please schedule on our website at www.MonocleBarbers.com
  4. Am I required to prepay online? No. Prepay is just one of our convenient payment options
  5. Do you accept credit/debit card payments? We accept all major credit cards (including American Express & Apple Pay)
  6. How can I cancel my appointment? You may cancel via email confirmation of your appointment or you may contact us through our chat online feature 
  7. Am I able to get refunded if I cancel my appointment? Yes, if you cancel 1 hour or sooner before your appointment time 
  8. Can I reschedule my appointment to a different time? Yes, you may do so with email confirmation to edit your appointment 
  9. Do you have a grace period if I’m running behind to my appointment? We have a 10 minute grace period (depending on the haircut and style), otherwise we advice to reschedule to different time so your service is well-timed
  10. How can I speak to a representative? Please click on our online chat link and we will get back to you ASAP
  11. Do you cut women’s hair? We welcome all genders as long as haircut & style is applied to barbershop setting 
  12. Do you cut children’s hair? All children and toddlers are welcomed
  13. Are you a multi ethnic barbershop? We welcome customers of all races and hair textures 
  14. Do you sell hair product? We do offer a selection of products, including natural pastes and pomades. Testers available in shop.
  15. Why do prices differ from Master Barbers (first location) and Monocle Barbers (second location)? We’ve allowed continuous affordable pricing at Monocle Barbers to honor it’s loyal customer base from previous ownership. Master Barbers prices are based on its high customer demand and added amenities.